Image & Reputation

Do you believe that a good reputation for your health facility must be based on quality care? Do you even see reputation as a factor leading to quality care – ensuring patient confidence, staff pride and motivation, and in some cases helping you secure funding for leading technologies?

At bioMérieux we are committed to helping healthcare facilities assure their excellent reputation. We bring you leading-edge diagnostic technology for quality care, environmental solutions to ensure patient safety, programs to increase staff skills levels, and tools to support your accreditation process.

As healthcare executives, your medical facility’s image and reputation are in your hands. An excellent reputation must be earned. You know how important it is to provide a safe and comfortable “state of the art” environment for patients and employees. You must ensure staff are skilled, confident and motivated to provide the highest quality care. You want to ensure you come through every accreditation process with flying colors.



bioMérieux – “State-of-the-art” labs for quality care

To ensure the best clinical care decisions, the diagnostics lab must operate at its best efficiency – particularly these days, when resource use must be optimized. Reviewing current practices is your starting point. bioMérieux experts can help with a Lab Performance Assessment, designed to help identify improvement in workflow patterns and how to use equipment to gain ultimate performance in your lab.

We also bring you the Full Microbiology Lab – FMLA® concept: a comprehensive solution to improve efficiencies throughout the microbiology lab as a whole with state-of-the-art, easy-to-use automated instruments and software. The resulting workflow efficiencies enable staff to focus on the most skills demanding tasks while assuring that standardized, reliable results are delivered rapidly. At the patient bedside, that means appropriate therapy is implemented early and can be well-monitored, protecting your facility’s reputation for quality care.

Patient safety

Patient safety concerns involve all aspects of health facility management from well-trained staff to well-maintained equipment and facilities. Among the most reputation-damaging events that can occur in a health facility is a hospital associated infection (HAI) outbreak. Ensuring you control the potential spread of infection in your facility starts with regular air, surface and water sampling.

bioMérieux offers a comprehensive solution for environmental control and monitoring, a range that’s conveniently bundled yet customizable to your needs. Outbreak prevention also involves standing guard against antimicrobial resistant organisms, particularly multi-drug resistant organisms. Determining appropriate therapies for patients with infections requires both identification of the pathogen involved and antibiotic susceptibility testing. You can count on bioMérieux for rapid, accurate, standardized results as well as a dedication to the issue that goes further, as we help raise awareness and promote research – including through our own Be S.M.A.R.T. with resistance initiative.

Improving staff motivation and competence

Staff satisfaction and competence can make or break a hospital’s reputation. Overworked or unskilled staff cannot provide quality care; and patients can sense when hospital personnel are not happy in their jobs. On the other hand caring, capable and motivated staff will engage the patient’s trust and provide quality care in a safe, clean environment. Well-defined workplace expectations and performance guidelines help motivate staff and physicians. Supporting staff goals for education helps maintain their loyalty.

We offer a range of training programs for health professionals, to ensure they stay in touch with the latest knowledge in their field, are confident in their capacity, and ready to deliver optimal care.


Helping your lab reach accreditation goals

Accreditation offers you the chance to benchmark and assure you are reaching your goals for excellence. bioMérieux experts offer quality support and training to help you prepare your lab to meet regulatory, quality control and compliance requirements. Our Labguard® real-time wireless monitoring system helps you demonstrate the quality of your instrumentation and procedures, and simplify your audits and accreditation. You’ll get peace of mind knowing you adhere to proper procedures, lowering risk of error and ensuring the accuracy and reliability of results.

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