Cost Containment

Under pressure to do more with less? Need to keep staff motivated despite financial challenges? Considering investing in new automated technology but unsure if it will solve your issues?

As healthcare professionals facing an aging population and new health threats, you have to deal with these economic challenges every day. With your needs in mind, bioMérieux can provide a wide range of solutions to help you contain healthcare costs.

Health facilities today are under constant pressure to increase performance in spite of fewer resources, less staff and tighter budgets. With 60 to 70% of medical decisions relying on in vitro diagnostics1, optimizing lab processes is a clear way to impact your bottom line with small, targeted investments.

At bioMérieux we can help you create savings through lab processes, people and technology.

bioMérieux – helping you do more with less

Without heavy outlays, bioMérieux can help you contain costs by conducting a Lab Performance Assessment to review current practices. Based on our 50 years of experience with labs, we can help you develop a more practical workflow plan and get the most out of your existing equipment to help you achieve ultimate performance while keeping costs down.

Keeping staff motivated

Health facilities rely on highly-skilled professionals – for best efficiency, you need to be sure your team’s skills are being used well. Staff will be more satisfied, motivated and effective in their jobs if they can keep on top of the latest knowledge and technologies through training and education.

We have helped hundreds of labs with our full range of training courses, suited to all levels and positions.


bioMérieux’s LEAN lab Assessment

With our unique understanding of the challenges labs face, our consultants can help you increase your lab’s productivity by up to 30%, by helping you make better use of staff skills and resources. bioMérieux’s LEAN Lab Assessment gives your team members the opportunity take control of their own personal development, empowering them for long-lasting impact.

Our experienced outside perspective brings clarity to identify stale working practices, guide positive change and increase motivation. LEAN Lab Implementation improves turnaround times and leads to faster results and more confident clinical decision making.


The real LEAN experience:

Prior to the LEAN laboratory assessment, the microbiology laboratory at CNMC employed 11 FTEs plus a supervisor – and it still does. But thanks to our increased efficiency, the productivity of our staff has dramatically improved. The LEAN Laboratory assessment demonstrated that the microbiology laboratory had marked peaks and valleys of activity, which we needed to level off.”

Post-LEAN Staffing: Minimizing the Extreme Peaks and Valleys


1) The Lewin Group, Inc. The Value of Diagnostics Innovation, Adoption and Diffusion into Healthcare (July 2005)

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