bioMérieux Canada, AMMI Canada, EPIC and AMR-One Health Consortium co-host the second Canadian symposium to fight antimicrobial resistance.   

22 November, 2023

Declared by the WHO as one of the top ten threats to global public health and identified by Canada's Ministry of Health as one of the greatest concerns of our time, leading players in healthcare and research are mobilizing to combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR).


bioMérieux Canada, the Association for Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease Canada (AMMI Canada), the Emerging & Pandemic Infections Consortium (EPIC) and the AMR-One Health Consortium (OHC), are excited to host the second AMR Symposium - Putting Evidence into Practice in the Fight Against Antimicrobial Resistance on November 22 and 23, 2023 at the MaRS Center in Toronto. This scientific summit aims to identify concrete actions to combat antimicrobial resistance while highlighting Canadian research and leadership in this crucial fight.

"Infectious Diseases physicians, medical microbiologists and clinical microbiologists are actively involved in research, innovation and education to combat antimicrobial resistance. A One Health approach in line with the Pan-Canadian Action Plan to combat AMR is a priority”," says Dr. Deborah Yamamura, President of AMMI Canada. "By accrediting a full day conference and networking sessions for attendees, AMMI Canada hopes to fulfill its mission of advancing the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infections and support multi-disciplinary discussions in the fight against antimicrobial resistance," she adds.

Following the success of its very first edition in 2022, the symposium returns for a second consecutive year, building on the key lessons learned from last year. The event will focus on the need to take action given the growing threat to our society and our healthcare system posed by antimicrobial resistance.

"As a global player in the field of in vitro diagnostics and infectious diseases, our objective is to demonstrate the value of diagnostic to advancing the fight against antimicrobial resistance which causes thousands of deaths a year in Canada[1]. By joining forces with key players in the healthcare and research sectors, we want to create opportunities for concrete action to slow down the damage of this silent pandemic, which translates into impacts on patient care and major economic and social consequences on our healthcare system," says Julie Émond, Vice President and General Manager of bioMérieux Canada. Indeed, in 2018, AMR is estimated to have cost the Canadian healthcare system approximately $1.4 billion, and to have reduced Canada's GDP by $2.0 billion[2] ", she adds.

The recent publication of the Pan-Canadian Action Plan on AMR represents a significant step in the fight against antimicrobial resistance and the symposium offers an exceptional opportunity for private and public stakeholders to agree on a common goal and concrete actions.

"As previously undescribed pathogens continue to emerge and threaten global health, we must also remain vigilant in our surveillance and response to the growing burden of AMR that already confronts us so that we can protect public health here in Canada and internationally,” argues Dr. Scott Gray-Owen, Director of the Emerging & Pandemic Infections Consortium (EPIC).

Several discussions will also focus on the One Health approach, which, with its collaborative cross-disciplinary and cross-sector approach, is essential in the fight against antimicrobial resistance. There will also be talks highlighting Canadian innovation in AMR research and discussions on the imperative of developing new public engagement strategies to raise Canadians' awareness of this ever-growing threat and to encourage political actors to develop legislation addressing antimicrobial resistance issues.

"By adopting an interdisciplinary approach focusing on animal and human health, we can strengthen the resilience of our ecosystems and reduce the risk of disease spreading between species, ensuring a healthier future for communities worldwide," emphasized emphasized Dr Herman Barkema, Scientific Director of the AMR - One Health Consortium.

The 2023 symposium brings together over 30 renowned speakers from diverse fields of expertise, and more than 400 participants from sectors as diverse as basic research, clinical human and veterinary medicine, microbiology, and pharmacology, providing a valuable platform for exchanging innovative ideas and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration.



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