bioMérieux continues its initiatives to improve water conservation and waste water management.

By the end of 2011, the measures implemented since 2008 had resulted in a reduction of water consumption of more than 15% (in m3/€m, as compared with sales).

Today, bioMérieux is pursuing its initiatives to reduce water consumption and heightening vigilance concerning its waste water.

Industrial water use

bioMérieux has already replaced its existing open-loop cooling systems and is continuing its efforts to reduce industrial water consumption.

  • Craponne (France)
    • Changes to the cleaning protocol for certain tanks used in the manufacturing process make it possible to save 500 m3 of purified water per year by using a detergent that can be re-used for several washing cycles.
    • In 2012, an old air-cooling tower was replaced with a new system that uses less water.
  • La Balme (France)
    • The removal of two air-cooling towers in 2011 has contributed to a 13% reduction in the site's water consumption.

Non-industrial water use

  • Florence (Italy)
    • The site is gradually renewing its pipework in order to eliminate leaks in the distribution network. These measures have resulted in the site's water consumption being reduced by approximately 40% between 2010 and 2011.
  • bioMérieux Chile
    • This subsidiary has cut its annual water consumption by 48% thanks to the installation of water-saving systems in 2011.

Monitoring consumption levels and detecting leaks

bioMérieux's manufacturing sites (the entities with the highest levels of water consumption) are aware of the need to monitor their consumption and detect any leaks.

  • Craponne (France)
    • An ISO 14001 environmental management system is implemented.
  • Tres Cantos (Spain)
    • The introduction of corrective measures has enabled water consumption on the site to be reduced by approximately 30%.

Rain water collection

  • Marcy L'Étoile (France)
    • The most recent buildings are equipped for the collection of rain water for irrigation purposes.
  • La Balme (France)
    • Plans for a new building at the La Balme site have been designed with HQE* certification in mind and rain water will be collected to provide a water supply for the toilets.

*Haute Qualité Environnementale (French green certification scheme)

Waste water management

  • Craponne (France)
    • In 2012, bioMérieux installed a system for the neutralization of the site’s waste water.
  • Marcy L'Étoile (France)
    • The site is pursuing a measurement and analysis program of its waste water as part of a national initiative conducted throughout France.

Periods of drought

  • In periods of drought, bioMérieux complies with the instructions issued by local authorities with regard to water conservation.
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