chromID™ Culture Media

For selective isolation of yeasts
and direct identification of  Candida albicans

Early diagnosis of yeast infections and the implementation of appropriate treatment are currently major issues for clinicians.
Although Candida albicans is still the most commonly found pathogenic yeast species, it is now also important to clearly identify other resistant Candida species which cause superficial and/or invasive infections e.g. Candida glabrata and Candida krusei.

Original Principle

Candida albicans colonies are coloured blue by the specific hydrolysis of a hexosaminidase chromogenic substrate (bioMérieux patent).
The hydrolysis of a second substrate (pink colouration) differentiates mixed cultures and orients identification of other species colonies (bioMérieux patent).

Direct identification of Candida albicans in just 24 hours*

  • The chromID Candida formulae improves colour intensity for C. albicans colonies. Immediate identification of C. albicans = Blue colonies.
  • No additional reagents required
  • Optimum differentiation of mixed cultures through colony appearance


  • Orientation of identification towards Candida (C. tropicalis, C. lusitaniae and C. kefyr) = Pink colonies
  • High level of selectivity to inhibit other bacteria
  • The characteristic appearance of colonies enables orientation towards filamentous fungi and C. krusei.

Greater Simplicity
Observe the colour and note the result!

  • Ready-to-use, chromogenic medium which is specific for yeasts
  • Culture / isolation / identification on the same medium
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Global Offer for Yeast Testing

Culture and Direct Identification
chromID™ Candida
Ref. 43 631: kit of 20 plates
Ref. 43 639: kit of 100 plates

ID 32 C

Ref. 32200: 25 strips + media

Antifungal Susceptibility Testing
ATB™ Fungus 3


The Complete chromID Range

chromID S. aureus
Ref 43371 - 20 plates

chromID Candida
Ref 43631 - 20 plates / Ref 43639 - 100 plates

chromID CPS®
Ref 43541 - 20 plates / Ref 43549 - 100 plates

chromID CPS / Columbia CNA + 5% sheep blood
Ref 43463 - 10 plates

chromID Strepto B
Ref 43461 - 20 plates

chromID Salmonella
Ref 43621 - 20 plates / Ref 43629 - 100 plates

chromID O157H7
Ref 42605 - 6 x 200 ml tubes

chromID MRSA
Ref 43451 - 20 plates / Ref 43459 - 100 plates

chromID ESBL
Ref 43481 - 20 plates

chromID VRE
Ref 43002 - 20 plates

* For more details see technical sheet


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chromID™ Culture Media
chromID™ Culture Media