About us


Founded in 1992, the Canadian subsidiary based it’s activities on the McDonnell Douglas product with the VITEK ® which began in the mid 80’s. The team now consisted of three people and the headquarters were established in the United States.

In 1995, the subsidiary is expanding with the acquisition of API ® products, we have doubled our staff and quadrupled our turnover.  Over the years various acquisitions were made which helped to continue our growth and increase our market share.

 The subsidiary is now based in Ville St-Laurent, in a commercial area of Montreal, where most of the major players in health care are located. Half of its 80 employees are spread across the entire Canadian territory.

bioMérieux Canada now has 25,000 square feet of which 80% are dedicated to storage and logistics operations.

bioMérieux has chosen to focus on the diagnosis of infectious diseases and high medical value tests for cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

For several years, governments support the efforts of hospitals wishing to reduce their infection rates. bioMérieux provides tools for screening (Chrom ID NucliSENS, VIDAS and air IDEAL) and the control of these infections (MRSA, VRE, Clostridium difficile, etc..).