Food Applications



bioMérieux Industry is strongly involved in the protection of health and life quality of consumers, it therefore offers a wide range of solutions for microbiological control, from sample preparation to final identification of microorganisms, in the field of agri-food industries, such as meat, poultry, dairy products, chilled food… etc.

In Food Safety

  • Pathogen detection: manual with culture media or automated with VIDAS®.
  • Identification of microorganisms: manual with API® / ID 32 or automated with VITEK® range.

In Food Quality

  • Quality indicators enumeration: manual with culture media or automated with TEMPO®.
  • Environmental control: manual with Count-Tact™ range and culture media, or automated with air IDEAL® 3P™.
  • Sterility and in-process testing: manual with culture media or automated with BacT/ALERT®.

All these solutions have performances adapted to your decision criteria, for raw material qualification, in-process control (HACCP, environmental…) or finished product testing to define shelf life. To take into account specific country cultures, manufacturing processes, eating habits…, bioMérieux validates its solutions for a large variety of food products. Its worldwide presence plays an essential role in understanding what solution to provide. A major part of analyses are driven by laboratory needs for accreditation according to international norms like ISO. With this in mind, bioMerieux submits its analytical solutions to international and national organisms for official validations and approval such as AOAC International, AFNOR, etc. bioMérieux is always keen to receive questions or suggestions about our products in order to better understand and serve specific industries.